Notice to the Media - October 2023

R. v. T.W.W.

The respondent in the case of R. v. T.W.W. (File No. 40406) has brought a motion for an order sealing the Court’s file and for an in camera appeal hearing. The sealing order has been granted on an interim basis. The motion has been referred to the Court for decision, and an oral hearing of the motion will occur immediately prior to the appeal hearing scheduled for November 10, 2023.

The appeal concerns the admissibility of evidence under s. 276(2) of the Criminal Code.

Any media organization wishing to participate in the hearing of the motion must advise the Registrar and the parties, in writing, on or before October 19, 2023.  It is anticipated that written submissions of no more than ten pages would be required by October 27, 2023. Further direction will be provided to those media organizations who indicate an interest in participating.