Request for Registered Access to Court Records

The Policy for Access to Supreme Court of Canada Court Records has been amended.  Apply to the Registrar for registered access if you require regular access to Supreme Court records which cannot be obtained via a search on the SCC Case Information page. Registered access is recommended if you require access to multiple court records in one case file, or to single or multiple court records in more than one case file.  Registered access, once granted, is valid for a period of 12 months, and is renewable.

If you do not anticipate making regular requests for records it is not necessary to register.  Simply complete the Request for Court Records form.

Already registered? If you have forgotten your Registered Access Number, please contact the Court’s Records Centre by email, or by telephone at 613-996-7933 or at 1-888-551-1185.

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You may identify up to two delegates (e.g. an administrative assistant), who may request documents and authorize payment on your behalf.

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