Sources of Legal Information Available to the General Public

Public legal information organizations

These organizations make legal information available to the general public. Many also provide advice and referral to professional lawyers.

Legal Clinics

Clinics offer free or low-cost legal assistance.

Pro Bono Legal Services

Pro bono services are free legal services offered through lawyers' associations to persons of limited means.

Lawyer Referral Services

These services enable members of the public to consult with a lawyer for up to 30 minutes for a minimal fee ($10 to $25). The lawyer a person consults is not obliged to represent that person, nor is that person under any obligation to retain the lawyer.

Law Libraries Open to the Public

Many law libraries are open to the general public. Librarians are able to assist users on how to use legal materials. However, law libraries do not provide legal advice.

Courthouse Services

Portal providing access to a large number of sources of public legal information on, among other topics, the justice system and how Canadian courts work.