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NOTICE: In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Supreme Court of Canada Building is closed to external clients until further notice. Because of the situation, the library will not be able to offer inter-library loan service to other libraries, including request for electronic files.

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April 16th to 30th, 2021

The Supreme Court of Canada Library lends materials from all but the most recent New Library Titles list in accordance with its Interlibrary Loan Procedures.

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Canadian law of first responders' liability / David Grant Boghosian. Toronto : LexisNexis Canada, 2020. ©2020.
KF1306 A2 B64 2020

Code des professions annoté / Érick Vanchestein [et deux autres]. 4e édition. Montréal : Éditions Yvon Blais, 2020. ©2020.
KF2900 P742 2020

Emergency law in Canada : commentary and legislation / Eric S. Block [and one other]. Toronto : LexisNexis Canada, 2021. ©2021.
KF5900 B56 2021

Étude sur les clauses limitatives ou exonératoires de responsabilité / Marie Leveneur-Azémar. Issy-les-Moulineaux : LGDJ-Lextenso, [2017]. ©2017.
KJV2082 L48 2017

Fundamental rights protection online : the future regulation of intermediaries / edited by Bilyana Petkova [and one other]. Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.
TK5105.8854 F86 2020eb

Immigration and refugee law : cases, materials, and commentary / Sharryn Aiken [and seven others]. Third edition. Toronto : Emond, 2020. ©2020.
KF4483 I5 I45 2020

In your face : law, justice, and niqab-wearing women in Canada / Natasha Bakht. Toronto : Delve Books, 2020. ©2020.
KF4483 C52 B35 2020

Law for Canadian health care administrators / John J. Morris [and two others]. Third edition. Toronto : LexisNexis Canada, 2020. ©2020.
KF3821 M67 2020

Laws of the constitution : consolidated / Donald F. Bur. First edition. Edmonton, Alberta : University of Alberta Press, 2020. ©2020.
KF4482 B87 2020

LegisPratique : Code de procédure civile annoté, 2020-2021 / conseillère éditoriale, Catherine Piché; auteurs, Annie Claude Beauchemin [et vingt-trois autres personnes]. Montréal : LexisNexis, [2020]. ©2020.
KF8816 ZB5 Q42 2020-21 RESEARCH

Loi sur les accidents du travail et les maladies professionnelles : législation, jurisprudence et doctrine / par Philippe Bouvier. 9e édition. Montréal : Wilson & Lafleur, 2020. ©2020.
KF3615 L64 2020

Prosecuting and defending fraud cases / Grace Hession David [and two others]. Second edition. Toronto : Emond Publishing, 2020. ©2020.
KF9365 D38 2020

Research handbook on climate change, oceans and coasts / edited by Jan McDonald [and two others]. Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.
GC190.2 R47 2020eb

Research handbook on polar law / edited by Karen N. Scott [and one other]. Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.
K593 R47 2020eb

Research handbook on torture : legal and medical perspectives on prohibition and prevention / edited by Sir Malcolm D. Evans [and one other]. Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.
HV8593 R47 2020eb

Revolution, transition, memory, and oblivion : reflections on constitutional change / edited by Martin Belov [and one other]. Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.
K3165 R48 2020eb

Search and seizure / Nader R. Hasan [and three others]. Toronto : Emond, 2021. ©2021.
KF9630 H37 2021

Termination of employment and wrongful dismissal in Canada / Peter Barnacle. Toronto : LexisNexis Canada, 2020. ©2020.
KF3471 B37 2020

Top secret Canada : understanding the Canadian intelligence and national security community / edited by Stephanie Carvin [and two others]. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2020]. ©2020.
JL86 I58 T67 2020

United Nations law, politics, and practice / Alexandre Tavadian. Toronto : Irwin Law, 2020. ©2021.
KZ4986 T38 2021