The Honourable Julien Chouinard

Born in Quebec City, Quebec, on February 4, 1929. Son of Joseph Julien Chouinard and Berthe Cloutier. Married to Jeannine Pettigrew in 1956. Three children: Julien, Lucie and Nicole. Educated at Laval University, B.A., 1948, and LL.L., 1951. Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, he pursued his studies at Oxford University and graduated with a Master's degree in 1953. Called to the Bar,1953, and practised law in Quebec City with Prévost, Gagné, Flynn, Chouinard et Jacques, 1953-65. Taught corporate law at Laval University, 1959-66, where he was responsible for the 4th year of the law program, 1964-66, and a member of the faculty council, 1966-68. President of the Jeune Barreau du Québec, 1961-62, and member of the Quebec regional council and of the National Council of the Canadian Bar Association, 1965-69. Represented Quebec on the National Council on the Administration of Justice and at the Conference of Commissioners on Uniformity of Legislation in Canada, 1965-68. Served as Lieutenant Colonel in the Militia, Commander of the 6th Field Artillery Regiment, 1965-68. Appointed Q.C., 1965, served as Deputy Minister of Justice of Quebec, 1965-68, and three years later became Secretary General of the Conseil exécutif du Québec (Executive Council of Quebec), the highest-ranking public servant in the provincial government, 1968-75. Received the Centennial medal, 1967, and the Vanier medal of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, 1972. Named Officer of the Order of Canada, 1974. Appointed to the Quebec Court of Appeal, 1975, and chaired the Commission of Inquiry into Bilingual Air Traffic Control Services in Quebec, 1976-79. Appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada, September 24, 1979, and served on the Court for seven years. Justice Chouinard died on February 6, 1987, at the age of 58.