The Honourable Frank Joseph Hughes

Frank Joseph Hughes was born in the township of Peel, Ontario, on November 26, 1883. He was the son of James Hughes and Winnifred Mullarkey. After graduating from the Ontario Normal College he became a teacher, and he continued to teach while going to university. He obtained a B.A. from Queen's University in 1907, then moved to Toronto to study law at Osgoode Hall Law School. He enrolled as a law student in 1908, articled with William Buckingham in Guelph and was called to the bar in 1911. For five years, he was Assistant Crown Attorney for the County of York, Ontario, then in 1921 he held the position of Crown Attorney for a brief period. Shortly after, he established the law firm of Hughes & Agar in Toronto. He was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada on March 17, 1933 and served on the Court for almost two years, resigning on February 13, 1935. Justice Hughes died on April 14, 1967, at the age of 83.