Mitra Javanmardi v. Her Majesty the Queen, et al.

(Quebec) (Criminal) (As of Right / By Leave)

(Publication ban in case) (Sealing order) (Certain information not available to the public)

Main Parties
Name Role Status
Javanmardi, Mitra Appellant Active
Her Majesty the Queen Respondent Active
Attorney General of Quebec Respondent Active
Other Parties
Association des avocats de la défense de Montréal Intervener Active
Québec Association of Naturopatic Medecine and Association des naturopathes agréés du Québec Intervener Active
Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors Intervener Active
Criminal Lawyers' Association Intervener Active

Please note that in the case of closed files, the “Status” column in this table reflects the status of the parties at the time of the proceedings. For more information about the proceedings and about the dates when the file was open, please consult the docket of the case in question.