Christine DeJong Medicine Professional Corporation v. DBDC Spadina Ltd., et al.

(Ont.) (Civil) (By Leave)

Main Parties
Name Role Status
Christine DeJong Medicine Professional Corporation Appellant Active
DBDC Spadina Ltd. Respondent Active
Dr. Bernstein Diet Clinics Ltd., 2272551 Ontario Limited, DBDC Investments Atlantic Ltd., DBDC Investment Pape Ltd., DBDC Investments Highway 7 Ltd., DBDC Investments Trent Ltd., DBDC Investments St. Clair Ltd., DBDC Investments Tisdale Ltd. Respondent Active
DBDC Investments Leslie Ltd., DBDC Investments Lesliebrook Ltd., DBDC Fraser Properties Ltd., DBDC Fraser Lands Ltd., DBDC Queen’s Corner Inc., DBDC Queen’s Plate Holdings Inc., DBDC Dupont Developments Ltd., DBDC Red Door Developments Inc. Respondent Active
DBDC Red Door Lands Inc., DBDC Global Mills Ltd., DBDC Donalda Developments Ltd., DBDC Salmon River Properties Ltd., DBDC Cityview Industrial Ltd., DBDC Weston Lands Ltd., DBDC Double Rose Developments Ltd., DBDC Skyway Holdings Ltd. Respondent Active
DBDC West Mall Holdings Ltd., DBDC Royal Gate Holdings Ltd., DBDC Dewhurst Developments Ltd., DBDC Eddystone Place Ltd., DBDC Richmond Row Holdings Ltd. Respondent Active
Other Parties
Schonfeld Inc., in its capacity as the Court-appointed Manager of Twin Dragons Corporation, Bannockburn Lands Inc. / Skyline – 1185 Eglinton Avenue Inc., Wynford Professional Centre Ltd., Liberty Village Properties Ltd., Liberty Village Lands Inc. Intervener Active
Riverdale Mansion Ltd., Royal Agincourt Corp., Hidden Gem Developments Inc., Ascalon Lands Ltd., Tisdale Mews Inc., Lesliebrook Holdings Ltd., Lesliebrook Lands Ltd., Fraser Properties Group, Fraser Lands Ltd., Queen’s Corner Corp. Intervener Active
Northern Dancer Lands Ltd., Dupont Developments Ltd., Red Door Developments Inc. and Red Door Lands Ltd., Global Mills Inc., Donalda Developments Ltd., Salmon River Properties Ltd., Cityview Industrial Ltd., Weston Lands Ltd. Intervener Active
Double Rose Developments Ltd., Skyway Holdings Ltd., West Mall Holdings Ltd., Royal Gate Holdings Ltd., Royal Gate Nominee Inc., Royal Gate (Land) Nominee Inc., Dewhurst Development Ltd., Eddystone Place Inc., Richmond Row Holdings Ltd. Intervener Active
El-Ad (1500 Don Mills) Limited, 165 Bathurst Inc., 3270 American Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, 0 Luttrell Ave., Toronto, Ontario, 2 Kelvin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, 346 Jarvis Street, Suites A, B, C, E and F, Toronto, Ontario Intervener Active
1 William Morgan Drive, Toronto, Ontario, 324 Price Edward Drive, Toronto, Ontario, 24 Cecil Street, Toronto, Ontario, 30 and 30A Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, 777 St. Clarens Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Intervener Active
252 Carlton Street and 478 Parliament Street, Toronto, Ontario, 66 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario, 2454 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, 319-321 Carlaw, Toronto, Ontario, 260 Emerson Ave., Toronto, Ontario, 44 Park Lawn Circle, Toronto, Ontario Intervener Active
19 Tennis Crescent, Toronto, Ontario and 646 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Intervener Active
Canadian Chamber of Commerce Intervener Active

Please note that in the case of closed files, the “Status” column in this table reflects the status of the parties at the time of the proceedings. For more information about the proceedings and about the dates when the file was open, please consult the docket of the case in question.