Fabia Deluca v. Roberto Bucciarelli, et al.

(Ontario) (Civil) (By Leave)

Judgments on applications for leave to appeal are rendered by the Court, but are not necessarily unanimous.

Date Proceeding Filed By
(if applicable)
2023-05-29 All materials on application for leave submitted to the Judges, for consideration by the Court
2023-01-20 Letter acknowledging receipt of an incomplete application for leave to appeal and without formal Court of Appeal order, FILE OPENED 2023-01-20
2023-01-12 Certificate (on limitations to public access), 23A, (Printed version filed on 2023-01-13) Fabia Deluca
2023-01-12 Application for leave to appeal, (Book Form), Required:
- Final CA Order (rec'd 2023-02-28), Completed on: 2023-03-03, (Printed version filed on 2023-01-13)
Fabia Deluca