Counsel Sheet - Hearing 40044

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Emanuel Kahsai v. His Majesty the King
(Alberta) (Criminal) (As of Right)

Counsel Parties represented Time allowed
Daniel J. Song, K.C.
Katherine E. Clackson
For the Appellant
Emanuel Kahsai
30 Min.
Anita Szigeti
Carter Martell
Cassandra DeMelo
Maya Shukairy
For the Intervener
Empowerment Council
5 Min.
Matthew Nathanson
Rachel M. Wood
For the Intervener
Independent Criminal Defence Advocacy Society
15 Min.
(to be shared among the Interveners)
Zachary Al-Khatib
Jennifer Ruttan
For the Intervener
Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association
Sarah Rankin
Heather Ferg
For the Intervener
Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Ian B. Kasper For the Intervener
Criminal Lawyers’ Association
Written submissions only
Julie Morgan
Elisa Frank
For the Respondent
His Majesty the King
30 Min.
Blair MacPherson
Judy Kliewer
For the Intervener
Director of Public Prosecutions
5 Min.
Avene Derwa For the Intervener
Attorney General of Ontario
5 Min.
Reply 5 Min.
  1 h 35

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