May 2017 - Judgment Lock-up Procedure

Please be advised that the Supreme Court of Canada has revised its lock-up procedure to better facilitate accurate and informed reporting of the Court’s judgments.

The revised procedure provides that a media lock-up may be initiated by the Court or granted at the request of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery. Consent of counsel for the parties will no longer be required, although their input will be sought.

The Court will continue to hold lock-ups for counsel separately from and simultaneously to media lock-ups. In addition, in lieu of attending a counsel lock-up, counsel now may ask to receive the judgment remotely (that is, at a location other than the Court) on an undertaking.

The revised procedure is available on the Court’s website. For further information, please contact Gib van Ert, Executive Legal Officer, at 613-996-9296.

This notice replaces the notice of May 2014.


Roger Bilodeau, Q.C.