November 2008 – Consent Orders for the Appointment of Counsel

Counsel and litigants are advised that a simplified procedure for obtaining an order assigning counsel to an accused under s. 694.1 of the Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46, may be used if the Crown consents.

The accused should send a letter to the Registrar explaining why legal assistance is necessary, stating whether the accused has the means to obtain that assistance, setting out the decision with respect to legal aid and stating the name of the lawyer who is willing to represent the accused. The consent of the Attorney General who is the appellant or applicant in or respondent to the proceeding should be filed with the letter.

If, in the opinion of the Court or the judge, it appears desirable in the interests of justice that the accused should have legal assistance, an order appointing counsel will be issued.

For further information, please contact Julie Laverty, Manager, Registry Branch at 613-996-7810.

Anne Roland

November 2008