September 2006 – Amendments to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada

Counsel are notified that the Supreme Court of Canada has enacted amendments to its Rules of Practice. The Rules Amending the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada were registered as SOR/2006-203 and were published in Part II of the Canada Gazette on September 20, 2006.

The transitional provisions provide that the current rules will continue to apply to any case if the notice of appeal was filed before October 13, 2006.

There are changes to filing deadlines for certain documents. First, filing deadlines for documents required by the Rules are suspended for the period beginning December 21 in any year and ending on January 7 the following year. The computation of time to serve and file a notice of appeal or an application for leave to appeal is not affected by the amendments to the Rules, as these deadlines are governed by Section 58 of the Supreme Court Act. Second, the month of July is now included in the computation of time for the filing of a motion for leave to intervene in an appeal.

The tariffs for fees payable to the Registrar set out in Schedule A of the Rules and for costs to be taxed between party and party set out in Schedule B of the rules were revised and adjusted to compensate for inflation.

An Office Consolidation incorporating the amendments to the rules and forms, as well as a guide to the principal changes will be available on the Court's Web site at and at the Court. Counsel who wish to attend an information session should contact the Registry at 613-996-8666 no later than September 29, 2006.

For further information, please contact any Registry officer at 613-996-8666.

Anne Roland

September 2006