Resources for Counsel

This portal provides information on the procedures you will need to follow as counsel in an appeal. It is divided into four sections:

Before you get started, please note that on an appeal, you must conduct business with the Registrar's office through an agent, who can be any lawyer practicing in the National Capital Region (Rule 16). If you have not already done so, you must advise the Registry of the name of your agent as soon as possible.

Contacts and Useful Information

For any general enquiries, please contact the Registry at 613-996-8666.

For information on motions, on preparing documents, on scheduling, on the taxation of costs, or to advise the Court that the appeal may interest possible interveners, please contact a Senior Registry Officer, at 613-996-7771 or 613-996-7772.

The following information can be obtained on the Court's Web site:

  • News Releases: All Supreme Court of Canada news releases can be viewed on the Lexum site. It is also possible to subscribe to Lexum's mailing list to receive future news releases.
  • Judgments: The Court's judgments can be consulted on the Lexum site.
  • Bulletins of Proceedings: The Court's bulletins of proceedings can be consulted on the Lexum site.  The bulletins contain information on, among other things, applications for leave to appeal filed, applications for leave submitted to the Court, motions, and notices of appeal filed.
  • Case Information: Information about cases, including summaries and information on publication bans, can be consulted.
  • Hearing Schedule: The schedule of hearings of appeals can be viewed.
  • Statistics: The Supreme Court of Canada's statistical reports can be consulted.

The Supreme Court Library also offers useful resources and tools. For further information, visit the Library page or call 613-996-8120.